Beach Towels

New age towels, that made without terry and completely made from Turkish cotton. Super absorbent, feather soft and beautifully designed. They are made either, thin single layer, double layer or triple layer, in order to match the colors and designs. Some made on automated machine, and some made on, old classic man powered machine. 

  • Made with organic cotton and dyed in root-based colors that are all organic. Colors don't bleed when washed.
  • They are eco-friendly, take less water to wash, less drying time in machine (or hang dry) less energy.
  • Sand does come off easily, because towels with no terry. One shake will keep sands off the towel. 
  • Easy to pack for travel, occupy less space. Fast drying time helps to repack after beach day.
  • Standard size 35" X 70" to give the comfort at beach, pool and/or bath. 
  • You can trust our brand for the best quality, best price and organic selected towels, throws, bathrobes and other products solely made from cotton.