Beach Towels

New age towels, that made without terry and completely made from Turkish... 

  • Throw/Blankets

    Everday life, esspecally if you live in a coastal area, where beach is accesable anytime. These throws must have. No terry will help to keep sand free, natural cotton and substainabil.

  • Non-Terry Beach Towels

    Over Europe 75% of population uses these towels. The reason is; fast drying time, compact size to carry, easy to take care of them (washing and drying is absolute ez). All natural pure cotton

    Beach Towels 
  • Coastal Outfit

    All products in this category also made in Turkey, with highest grades of cotton and linen yarns.

    You can choise your product as Cotton/Muslin Cotton/Linen under Ladies.

    Some are great for formal, some are more casual outfits that are very comfortable to stay out all day.

    Coastal Outfits 
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Made in Turkey

AUTHENTIC COTTON of Istanbul, where Quality meets Design!

We are operating from Naples since 2016, but manufacturing in Turkey since 1970.

We are committed, to keep the level of the top notch customer service and satisfaction. You can shop with us with the confident that you are being taking care of each and every time without any miss treatment and the comfort of you always will be taking care of. 

The truth in Turkish Textile, "Authentic Cotton" Trade Mark for authenticity, fair trading and ecologic responsibility.

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