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Authentic Cotton



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Elevate your loungewear with our enchanting Evil Eye Design Printed Muslin Robe. Crafted from lightweight and breathable muslin fabric, this robe offers a delicate and airy feel that is perfect for relaxation. The eye-catching Evil Eye print adds a touch of mystique and charm, making it not just a robe but a fashionable statement piece. The loose and flowy silhouette ensures comfort, while the intricate design and soft color palette create a harmonious balance of style and ease. Embrace tranquility in this thoughtfully crafted muslin robe, where comfort meets captivating design. Perfect for cozy evenings or as a chic cover-up, this robe brings a touch of elegance to your leisure time.


  1. Machine Wash Cold:

    • To preserve the delicate fibers of the muslin and Turkish cotton, machine wash the robe in cold water. Use a gentle cycle to prevent excessive wear.
  2. Mild Detergent:

    • Choose a mild, non-bleaching detergent to maintain the softness and color vibrancy of the fabric.
  3. Avoid Fabric Softeners:

    • Muslin and Turkish cotton are naturally soft, and the use of fabric softeners may reduce their absorbency. Skip fabric softeners or use them sparingly.
  4. Wash Separately:

    • Wash the robe separately or with similar colors to prevent color bleeding or transfer.
  5. Low Heat or Air Dry:

    • To prevent excessive shrinkage and maintain the integrity of the fabric, either tumble dry on a low heat setting or, for best results, air-dry the robe by laying it flat.
  6. Promptly Remove from Dryer:

    • If using a dryer, promptly remove the robe once the drying cycle is complete to minimize wrinkles.
  7. Iron on Low Heat if Necessary:

    • Naturally cotton wrinkles, if folded after wash they won't need ironing. If needed iron with low heat.  
  8. Avoid Contact with Velcro or Sharp Objects:

    • Be cautious of contact with Velcro or sharp objects that may snag or damage the delicate fabric.





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